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Testimonial 3

Ruth, mother of then 11 month old Melanie was told by doctors that her daughter was afflicted with a condition known as alopecia areota, which effectively meant that she would not develop any hair growth. Some eight month ago Melanie started using HERB-HAIR ,and after one-half of a bottle, the now 12 year old boasts a full head of hair.

Testimonial 4

This is to certify that I have been using HERB-HAIR for about a year and am very pleased with the results. Before I started using it my hair was falling out by the handful and the brushful and as I have very fine hair, this was a big problem. The hair loss stopped almost immediately and HERB-HAIR also puts back what commercial hair products remove from each hair, my hair is looking and feeling very good, and the hair loss stopped. My husband also uses this product and his bald patch is getting smaller each month and a number of the members of the Cape Town Herb Group use HERB-HAIR with great success All in all I am very happy with this product because (a) it does what it claims to do and (b) it is not at all expensive. I am very happy to recommend it.

Testimonial 5

I have been using Herb-Hair for seven months with wonderful results. I have long hair which is color-processed, which was very dry and lifeless. Since I have used Herb-Hair, I find my hair is thicker and full of shine and much easier to come through. My hairdresser has commented on the improved condition of my hair. I highly recommend this product to anyone with problem hair and have even taken some to London where it sold instantly.

Testimonial 6

My name is Martha. I lost my hair due to stress. After attending a dermatologist for about six months, I saw little progress-I stopped going to him. I was then introduced to "Herb- Hair" and after using one and a half bottle my hair has definitely grown. I do believe that "Herb-Hair has done the trick and will continue to use it.

Testimonial 7

I'd like to tell you, how delighted I am with your product "Herb-Hair". I have now used it continuously for a month, and can visibly feel the difference. It was'nt until my friends started to comment on how thicker my hair had become that prompted me to write to you. I have every intention to recommending your product to all my friends.

Testimonial 8

This is a 7 year old child, suffering all her life from this problem on her sculp. Herb-Wound spray eventually was the only product helping.